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Private Morocco Tours

Dreaming of visiting Morocco but not sure where to begin?


Together we will craft your perfect, private, custom tour based on the amount of days you have available, what you would like to see and experience, as well as your ideal budget. Morocco presents many options for travelers and our personal explorations combined with client feedback have helped us find hidden gems and classics alike. Our business is based on more then simply making money. Morocco is an exquisite and exotic country filled to the brim with unique experiences and stellar landscapes. It is our strongest desire to help you have an experience that excites your senses and expands your mind.  

Planning your tour together helps you get to know us, gives you a chance to address arising questions, and helps us have a better understanding of the experience you hope to have. There are many websites offering preset itineraries for a fixed price which you can buy online without ever even having communication outside of your purchased transaction until the day of the tour. These tours often turn out to be less then the client had hoped or expected. Some are group tours that force you to be on a scheduled agenda. Some will get cancelled at the last minute because their website allowed you to book even though they aren't actually available. Some will be with guides who do not speak your native language, meaning you will miss out on a lot of the magic that makes Morocco so special as you pass it by or are unable to have your questions answered. We prefer to work together with lots of communication to plan your dream vacation whether your building it from recommendations or do not have a clue of what to do. We realize that every person coming to Morocco does not have the opportunity or funds to plan a second trip so we want to make sure your first trip is filled with amazing memories.

All Tours Include:

•Moroccan Tourism Approved Vehicle with A/C and Heat (gas included)

•A Professional Driver/Guide Who is Knowledgeable and Experienced 

•Accommodations (for fully organized tours)

•Airport Transfers

•Your Driver/Guide Speaks: English, Spanish, French, Berber, or Arabic

•Certified City Guides

**We also offer transportation only if you have your own accommodations already arranged** 

Our Pricing: We use a formula based on length of tour and your accommodation preferences (Luxury, Standard, or Economy) as well as the amount of persons in your group with the same formula applying to all our clients, no matter where you are from.  

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